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ARTHAM - Wealth and Meaning


Artham translates from Sanskrit to both "meaning" and "wealth". At some point, all of us stop and ask ourselves “what do I really really want, deep in my soul?” Some 3000 years ago, ancient Indian philosophers suggested that each of us has four foundational goals:

Artham - Wealth

Kamam - Pleasure

Dharmam - Purpose

Moksham - Enlightenment

Wealth may seem base compared to loftier goals like Duty and Enlightenment, but it is FOUNDATIONAL. Financial security frees up your time and provides the means to pursue the other goals.


This idea is central to our work. Our comprehensive financial plans are crafted to be true to your family’s values and goals. We strive to give you the peace of knowing exactly where your family’s finances are today, and the confidence of knowing what you are working towards and how to get there.


About Sanjay


My name is Sanjay Pamurthy, and I am the founder and the primary financial advisor at Artham.


I spent two decades as a Corporate Finance executive at PepsiCo and The Freeman Company, helping these large firms build world-class finance teams and processes. Through all those years, I remained an avid investor and a student of our economy and capital markets.


This background has shaped my belief that we now live in both the best country and the best time for wealth creation. And yet, finances and wealth remain sources of anxiety to so many families.


In 2021, I decided it was time to start Artham and bring my finance experience and help people master their own financial well-being.

I live in Dallas with my wife, Chrisette (a successful physician and entrepreneur), and two children Ketan (19) and Anjali (16).

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