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Why Choose Artham?


No Minimums

That's right. We are committed to the idea that everyone, irrespective of income or wealth, should have access to sound financial advice. That is why our prices are flexible, and we insist on no thresholds.


Committed to the Long Term

Investing your money well is complicated enough; the last thing you need is to find a new advisor every few years. We hope to work with you over a lifetime. As you and your family's needs change, we are committed to being there.


Simple & Evidence-Based

Successful investing has more to do with psychology than smarts. We take our job of helping you navigate roller-coaster markets and sticking to YOUR plan very seriously. We keep our plans simple and understandable - because simplicity is easier to stick to. 


A Fair Price

Our pricing is built on two pillars - value and transparency.
Excessive fees are a sneaky detraction from successful wealth. Do you know that over a forty year career, a 0.5% reduction in annual fees can help you save 12% more for retirement? That could mean retiring several years earlier! Our flexible, value-based pricing means that we are affordable to those just starting out AND to those approaching retirement age.


Independent and Fee-Only Fiduciary

This means we don't sell any financial products and don't earn any commissions or incentives for selling products that may not be right for you. As fiduciaries, we are committed to keep your best interests foremost in all our work. 

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